With Professor Didier Raoult, General Practitioners and Pneumologists Can Treat You Efficiently.

To you, friends of health,  

I have been monitoring the Cov-2 pandemic since its beginning, (November 19th, 2019 in China) in its every detail: origin, diagnosis, tests, treatments, results, individual and crowd immunity aspects.

I am, like you, on lockdown at home, in the French Pyrenean countryside. At my age, so says the President of the Montpellier Board of Physicians, I am not allowed at the bedside of patients. It does not matter that I am in perfect health and would have no issue using a ventilator.

Since even in this war-like time I am not allowed among the rapid response teams, I have chosen to serve the healthy and the sick in a different way.

Fears and Suffering Are Widely Broadcasted Due to the Flimsy Responses of Healthcare Administrations; French and WHO’s alike.    

I humbly share the terrible suffering (and anger) of so many families, in France and worldwide, that have lost a loved-one without but no worthy funeral. Many couldn’t even attend to their family during their passing! Countless workers also live in fear to lose their job, because of this unprecedented economic crisis.

French health authorities, elites and cabinet advisers had not anticipated anything like that. And neither did the WHO, which gave no therapeutic advice. The French national board of physicians didn’t fare better: it kept general practitioners who devised treatments that healed patients successfully and inexpensively, from communicating their treatment methods to their colleagues and to the public. And that as we are facing a war-like situation, while every life counts.

We witness this every night, when the General Director for Health communicates the current number of deaths without providing any therapeutic advice to potential patients. Most of the time, numbers of death patients he reports are older than 70. These patients often reach the hospital’s Covid units too late. Caretakers label them “LATA patients”, for “Limitation et Arrêt de Thérapeutiques Actives”. This means “limitation and discontinuation of active treatments”: Patients above 70 that reach the hospital finish their lives in a state of deep sedation.

General practitioners are not only prohibited from sharing their treatment methods, as was professor Didier Raoult, Marseille-based proponent of hydroxychloroquine. They also put their career in jeopardy by risking lawsuits, despite having saved so many lives.

The pretext is that their treatment didn’t comply with the mathematic methodology that new treatments are supposed to undergo to satisfy the burden of proof in non-emergency, non-war-like situations. This method consists in drawing patients randomly, after they have given their enlightened consent – which meaning is far from clear – for the study. They are divided into two groups. One group receives the treatment, while the other groups take a placebo (i.e. no treatment) or a close treatment. No group knows which of the treatment or the placebo they are taking.

How many public health specialists, who never see a patient but are self-proclaimed supporters of randomly drawing patients for treatment, would willingly expose themselves to take a placebo, if they were sick with this virus?

I recommend listening to the interview of my colleague Christian Perronne last April 27th. Listen to him:

Scientific evidence is surfacing everywhere […] The success rate for treatment with chloroquine is 98% […] Today, France owns the record of fatality ahead of Italy, Spain, Portugal […] Imagining to be asked for a placebo when there is a treatment with a success rate of 98% is scientific folly. I cannot accept that.”

What Is Happening Could Have Been Anticipated Since 2003!

Yes, it could have been anticipated in 2003, when the first Coronavirus killed 10% of patients affected with the first Corona in China! We could have learned from the second Corona outbreak that reached the Middle East in 2013, and killed 35% of patients.

How many deaths are we going to blame on Cov-2? We do not know that yet. Obviously, we will have to compare deaths by Covid-19 to the numbers of natural deaths due to old age and associated diseases, as well as deaths due to lifestyle diseases too frequently affecting younger patients nowadays.

If a vaccine can be developed within a year, what have vaccinology specialists accomplished since 2004, when Institut Pasteur developed a vaccine candidate against first Coronavirus? This vaccine would be so useful today !

Our country is so prompt to authoritatively impose vaccines to healthy infants – even when they are not needed and could be dangerous at an age when the immune system is still immature. It is less prompt to propose a vaccine against Coronavirus that we have been needing for a long time. Weren’t the last 16 years enough time to come up with it?

Let It Be an Aluminum-Free Vaccine

That is what we are demanding, but what risks to arrive too late, once the pandemic disappears. In this case, and like in 2004, manufacturers won’t be able to test it. But they still will impose it to everyone by law, even without the certainty that it is, in fact efficient. They will know how to terrorize the population into vaccinating by reminding it of the sanitary crisis that we are currently experiencing.

Some mainstream media won’t have any issue spreading the ideals of Bill Gates, proponent of worldwide vaccine control thanks to his invisible implant below the skin.

In reality, we are facing a new type of empiricism[1], which is driven more by money than by science. It is this concept that pushed two health ministers (who didn’t last) to “temporarily” (so they said in 2017) make 11 vaccines compulsory by law. This pseudo-scientific empiricism has driven authorities to force, through the injection of vaccines, the injection of an adjuvant, aluminum, which role consists in stimulating an immature immunity. Why is this, since the toxicity of aluminum to the brain is now well documented in international scientific literature?

Public authorities and the Ministry of Health are informed of this toxicity at least since June 2018. However, they haven’t done anything to encourage the replacement of aluminum by calcium phosphate, a danger-free and efficient adjuvant. Are they too many stocks, too much money at stake, that the health of the wider population has to play second fiddle?

Obviously, I will keep informing on that public health topic, by providing you with all available evidence and scientific references on aluminum toxicity in healthcare products.

This is all the more important that the next Cov-2 vaccine should not contain aluminum, if manufacturers and public authorities don’t want to expose themselves to a massive blank refusal to vaccinate.

[1] Empiricism considers that knowledge is based on an accumulation of measurable observations and facts, from which we can infer general laws through an inductive reasoning, that progresses from concrete experience to the abstract law.

An Odd French-Chinese Friendship

The French-Chinese friendship so many politicians have been celebrating elicits a lot of questioning. It has been depriving us from much medication and healthcare equipment we need. If the medication of the future comes from China, why isn’t it efficient and manufactured appropriately? Medication development is perhaps easier there than in France, where too many barriers have arisen, which protect the establishment.

Our French and European politicians have dispossessed their people from employment in the field of healthcare products manufacturing, which are necessary to the integrative development of persons and families.

Besides, Wuhan P4 laboratory specialized in the manipulation of highly dangerous viruses was designed by our own French architects, with the blessings of the French administration. After its inauguration, we were supposed to send about fifty researchers to this lab, but they never went. Why?

Looking closer at the structure of this new Covid prompts many questions: pieces of the AIDS virus are present in Cov-2, which cannot have fallen from the sky. Was the goal possibly to develop an AIDS vaccine (why not ?), which we are still waiting for ? Fortunately, the insertion of AIDS in Cov-2 is not stable, and the Corona part of the virus could reject AIDS by deleting it, which would explain its lesser aggressiveness.

All this scientific information confirms what Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize for his discovery of AIDS in 2008, has been asserting. For this, he suffered attacks from many incompetent and envious colleagues, who spend more time on TV shows than caring for the sick.

Spotting the First Signs of Covid-19 Before the First Signs of Breathing Distress

Beyond what explains the pandemic, we now need to make sure the virus does not take us by surprise. We can have one or several symptoms at one time. It is essential to know how to recognize them, so we don’t delay treatment:

  • Partial loss of the senses of taste or smell, or both.
  • Fever and long-lasting headaches;
  • Abnormal soreness;
  • Dry irritative cough;
  • Nasal congestion and discharge;
  • Unusual long-lasting fatigue;
  • Diarrhea and atypical abdominal pain;
  • Starting kidney failure (low volumes of urines despite ample hydration);
  • Inflammation of the testicles (orchitis);
  • Insulated skin rash due to a bad skin vascularization (blood flow);
  • Confusion episodes that won’t go unnoticed by your loved-ones.

You know it, general practitioners are now allowed to prescribe hydroxychloroquine, following standard usage precautions

Still, how many people had to die before public authorities authorized it? In particular, ANSM (French authority for medication safety) was hard-pressed to authorize it: It caved to strong popular pressure, and the display of apparent support of the French president. Emmanuel Macron recently visited Marseille-based professor Didier Raoult, who is at the forefront of Covid-19 hydroxychloroquine treatment.

Beware ! Patients aged 65 and sometimes younger will need to take an electrocardiogram (ECG) before physicians can prescribe this treatment. There are counterindications due to age and heart health, since no matter how we look, we all are as old as our arteries. All physicians know that.

Moreover, due to the seriousness of the current health emergency, older patients have lesser chances to be put on a respirator, which are prioritized for younger patients.

The Treatment I Would Prescribe My Friends and Myself from The First Signs, As A Physician.

I insist on the fact that, to me nor to anyone else would it be considered self-medication. A medical prescription is necessary.

You can talk about this treatment with your general practitioner delicately, especially if you are not allowed to take hydroxychloroquine for heart health and age reasons.

These recommended treatments have already been successfully used by many physicians everywhere in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. They are also recommended by the French High Health Authority (HAS) for the treatment of atypical pneumonia, in adults and children alike. Dosages, of course, are adapted to the patient age and health.

A medical diagnosis and medical prescription are necessary and compulsory for all these treatments. They combine two antibiotics (reimbursed in France by your health insurance), which total cost doesn’t exceed €30 per week.

Antibiotic 1: Macrolide Azithromycine (brand name Zithromax in the U.S.A.) plays a role as a virucide (it partly destroys the virus and is capable to hinder its replication.)

There are alternatives if you are allergic to macrolides:

  • Ciprofloxacin (brand name Cipro), which is a fluoroquinolone (very efficient against Covid-19 in its digestive form in elderly patients).
  • Tetracyclines, treatment most often used, with macrolides, against Covid-19 in Great Britain.

Antibiotic 2: A 3rd generation Cephalosporin, chosen by your physician. It has a peripheral anti-inflammatory effect on the infection, and an anti-infectious effect on the bacterial superinfection.  

I add an anti-coagulant treatment, Heparin, in small doses. It is meant to avoid blood clots in patients with a history of thrombosis or heart attack, and with an overly sedentary lifestyle, particularly during the lockdown.

This is all the more necessary that the virus triggers little vessel constrictions in various zones of the body that generate the formation of blood clots, at the origin of embolisms.

A trace-element such as zinc can keep the virus from entering the cells. In France a good zinc source is the brand Effizinc or Oligomax Zinc-Silicium. The most bioavailable type of zinc is ionic zinc. Do not forget that the elderly often are zinc and silica deficient.

As of Singulair ® (or Montelukast), it can be prescribed to patients with asthma.

Do not wait for breathing distress to act. If you need reanimation, know that only 30% of patients can be healed that way, and that this treatment is not devoid of aftereffects lasting at least several months. 

Useful non-medical but natural food supplements (without  backing from French medical food and health administration) can maintain and strengthen your immune defenses:

  • Abundant hydration with water. Aim at having clear urines, if your kidney works appropriately. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink !
  • Eat a lot of vegetable-based foods (70% to 80% of your food supply).  They provide the most bioavailable Vitamin C (more bioavailable than in animal foods – only 20 to 30% for B vitamins, including B12).
  • Beehive products: raw honey, royal jelly (royal jelly shouldn’t be consumed by cancer patients or patients who recovered from cancer), propolis and bee pollen, are good immunity boosters.
  • Highly concentrated extra virgin olive oil, with high levels in polyphenols (anti-oxydants). For omega 3 fatty acid, look at rapeseed/colza oil (not canola), cold pressed walnut oil, or camelina oil;
  • Fried eggs, or soft steamed or boiled eggs, with a runny yolk, will provide cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K);
  • One glass of wine per day, during the meal, can only add some joy to the day!

Protect yourselves, wear a mask when you go out, stay at safe distance from others as health authorities recommend, but be no longer afraid, your general practitioners are at your service and can spare you from the worse.

The end of the lock down is near!

Be sure of my determination to inform you, in a simple and comprehensive way, for the good of you and your loved ones;

Professor Henri Joyeux 



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