Zinc, Antibiotics, Anticoagulant.  Resist The Pandemic by Stimulating your Immune Defenses

Dear friends,

Sorry to disturb you during your vacation. I had to, on account of the increasing number of worried people.
The upswing of the coronavirus pandemic forces me to inform you without delay. This letter is very important. I recommend you read it until the end, quietly, and to forward it around you (family and friends).

I won’t change anything to what I told you this spring in a video of 6min 10 sec, by the lake, during the shutdown.

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The Sanitary Crisis Isn’t Over

People who paid the highest price with Covid10, more than 30,000 persons in France, are the most fragile: people with high blood pressure, overweight to obese patients, diabetics, immune- deficient patients, AIDS patients or people undergoing cancer treatment in particular, and the eldest people dealing with several health conditions.

In France, we know this now, many people who died in retirement homes were officially counted as Covid deaths without even being tested. Difficult to claim they all were all affected by Cov-2.

Fortunately, in our beautiful country of 67 million inhabitants, we have only few of these weakened persons and they are well cared for. But for their sake, we must be most attentive and efficient, so we protect their often-precarious health.

Cov-2 virus, responsible for Covid-19, goes around, like all viruses. It will keep going around, perhaps until we all are affected by it, without exception.

Epidemiologists believe that only 10% of the French population was contaminated. In such conditions, herd immunity cannot be attainted at the scale of our country.

Questioning the True Origin of This Dangerous Virus 

The question of the origin of Covid-19 appears of no interest to specialists. However, it is essential we identify it so such a global crisis does not happen again, or at least, so it can be managed better in the future, in healthcare, as much as for the sake of our countries’ economy.
Cov-2, which paralyzed our entire planet, is more dangerous than its cousins (Cov-1 in China and MERS in the Middle East), for four important reasons:

1/  It spreads very easily

Each affected person will contaminate more than one person. This is the reason why authorities decided on the lock down and recommended regular hand washing as well as two imperatives (which haven’t reached consensus worldwide):

– Social distancing;

–  Compulsory mask-wearing (that you should change every day, or several times a day for healthcare professionals) in public places.

There is a risk of a new lockdown in France after we reopened on May 11.

The respect of social distancing rules is all the more important that we are told that physicians do not have any treatment to give us, which is not all that certain, as you will see.
However, the reliability of Covid PCR tests and the waiting delays are adding up and making us anxious. With the recent pick-up of the pandemic, prohibition of gatherings in closed spaces may stay in force.

2/ It has several tropisms
This means it is capable of seriously obstructing first the respiratory system, which might impose respiratory help. In fragile persons, it can also obstruct the vascular system, causing coagulations that spread out to varying degrees throughout your body.
What is called the “cytokine storm” massively releases inflammatory molecules that the immune system no longer can control. As a consequence, a build-up of blood and thrombosis can occur, which can later on cause pulmonary embolism, cardiac embolism, or embolism located in other organs or tissues: the skin or the urogenital system.

3/ It is all the more active than your immune defenses are weak
The British Academy of Medical Sciences predicted that a pick-up of the pandemic could cause 120,000 additional deaths this winter, at a time of year when the flu goes around the most. People with the most fragile health should prepare for this possible second wave or third wave, and ground these preventative measures on scientific arguments.

4/ This virus does not provide a definite and durable immune protection
If 80% of patients heal by themselves, their antibody levels weaken very fast, 20 to 40 days after infection. [1] Consequently, researching antibody levels in the blood is of little interest, since test are not yet very reliable.
Will immune cells keep a first Cov-2 infection in memory? Probably, but this is not certain. We are swimming in scientific uncertainty.

Second Wave: Will Vaccines Come Out When Kids Go Back to School?

Most media outlets have reported the existence of more than 400 clusters in France, 15 million cases and 600,000 deaths in the world, and a viral diffusion that is not slowing down. The virus could spread even stronger in September, especially from southern countries, which is worrying many people (66% of the French population would be worried according to Odoxa poll ordered by Fiducial, dated July 22).

Obviously, the virus is still here!

It is apparent that we are being prepared for vaccination (which is undoubtedly going to be made compulsory), particularly the vaccination of healthcare providers and fragile patients, before they generalize it to the whole population. Are they following the same process developed to make the 11-virus vaccines compulsory to all 2-month-old infants?

Is that vaccine going to contain aluminum or not, so as to stimulate an overly weakened immunity? Let us wait to see the list of ingredients in the vaccine before make any recommendation on the right choice to make.

According to the WHO, 23 vaccines candidates are undergoing clinical evaluation, and 140 are undergoing preclinical evaluation.

Until now, we were told that it took 10 years to replace aluminum by a safer adjuvant in vaccines, even though aluminum had already been taken out of animal vaccines! Is it about scientific rigor, about prevention through vaccines, or about are we serving business interests first?

Why Do They Tell Us There Is No Treatment: Fake News?

Medical authorities keep reassuring us with the mere perspective of vaccine, and does it all the more since the media claims: “There is no treatment against Covid-19!” It is astonishing to hear even our President say that he will not take the treatment protocol devised by our colleague in Marseille, Professor Raoult, i.e. Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Azithromycin, in the name of the century of enlightenment.

So long, treatments that have shown their usefulness on over 4000 patients at the International University Hospital of Marseille! My colleague Professor Didier Raoult is now subject to public vilifications. So is our colleague professor Christian Perronne in Garches, who dared publicly proclaim distrubing truths. They have irritated even the National Council of the Order of Physicians, which posits itself as the guarantor of our health.

We now are led to wonder what role and responsibilities are really left to our primary physician.

Are general practitioners who didn’t wait for statistical results or didn’t randomize their patients going to lose their license or be sued? With competence and conscience, they strived to save lives. Now they are being pointed at for not following institutional protocols (as defined by French medical authorities like ANSM, HAS, and HCSP).

However, comparing mortality rates in Paris to other cities or the countryside show obvious trends. Such comparisons will help you find out where to get treatment for the best results.

Keep that in mind, especially since the best virologists do not yet know if the vaccine(s) will be efficient, and whether, in the long term, vaccines won’t deprive us from real lifelong immunity after fighting strong flu!

These days, Remdesivir is sold € 390 a bottle. It is used for a 5 days treatment requiring 6 bottles, which incurs a total cost of € 2,085 per patient. This treatment manufactured by Gilead, which is FDA approved and probably will be readily approved by the French ANSM (French Medications Agency) does not reduce mortality rates.

The manufacturer claims that it reduces hospital stays by 3 days. Do the costs of 3 days in resuscitation unit allow to raise the price based on the savings this medication allows?

While Waiting, Five Preventative and Medicinal Advice

It remains urgent to find solutions that would avoid hospitalization: We know that 70% of patients checking into resuscitation units don’t come out alive.

If you have any doubt, whether you are tested positive to Covid 19 or not (all tests aren’t reliable), here are 5 propositions that proved reliable.

You can understand them. No doubt, you shouldn’t wait to show signs of respiratory distress to get treated.

1/ Zinc : A Trace Element Essential to Your Immune System
Zinc is a essential trace element playing a major role in maintaining our anti-viral defenses.

98% of the zinc in our body is found in our cells. We don’t really have a reserve.

Zinc is necessary to the thymus, which is essential to our immune system from infancy.

Since we don’t have sufficient Zinc reserves in our body, a regular nutritional intake is necessary that we can obtain in our food. Zinc deficiency is common, and affects up to a fourth of the population in developing countries, and 50% of the elderly in western countries. [2].

Among signs of zinc deficiency, you will find the first symptoms of Covid-19:

–  Temporary taste loss, up to its total disappearance. Zinc intervenes in the synthesis of gustin, a protein that is essential to taste perception on your tongue’s taste buds.

–  Anosmia, i.e. loss of the sense of smell [3] [4]. A strong mobilization of your immune systems increases zinc deficiency, and triggers such symptoms in some patients.

You have to understand that hydroxychloroquine, as much as the plant Artemisia Annua (otherwise known as Mugwort) [5] will allow zinc to enter the cell. This is how chloroquine allows the fight against malaria, as well as (Artemisia Annua or Artemisia Afra) a plant that is attracting increasing interest.

–  It improves the antiviral response and immune response in patients suffering of zinc deficiency;

–  It inhibits viral replication and symptoms related to the infection.

According to specialists “In vitro replication of the flu virus is inhibited, probably on account of inhibition of RNA-dependent polymerase RNA or SARS (Severe Acute

Respiratory Syndrome) due to zinc. Moreover, it was demonstrated that zinc salts inhibit Respiratory Syncytial Virus”.

These scientific arguments justify consumption of zinc in your food of as food supplement.

You will indeed find zinc in your daily nutrition, but perhaps with decreased potency due to the over solicitation of our liver that is associated with all metabolic conditions, chronic conditions, and alcohol consumption.

Therefore, a theoretically sufficient intake of zinc could lose its potency on account of decreased absorption by the gut, which is common in industrialized countries.

Zinc bioavailability can be diminished by many nutritional factors, particularly the presence of phytates in cereals and legumes, when they are not well utilized and when your food is not thoroughly chewed before swallowing. Also, excess calcium, copper and iron can diminish zinc absorption.

The elderly is also often subject to zinc deficiency, which increases likelihood to develop potentially mortal viral infections.

Daily zinc supplementation in the elderly (55 to 87 years old) incurred a reduction of infection incidences and markers of oxidative stress in the blood.

Zinc deficiency is common in chronic viral infections due to HPV, hepatitis C and HIV/Aids.

Many studies examine the effects of zinc supplementation on anti-viral immunity. Such supplementation improves hepatitis C treatment and reduces an often-irreversible liver inflammation.

Zinc works as an immune response modulator. If its availablility is reducd, chances of survival are reduced, as well as the proliferation and differentiation of immune cells in various organs (liver, gut), especially at respiratory level.

Moreover, zinc certainly has an anti-oxydant activity, mainy as a component of superoxyde dismutase (SOD). It hinders the production of toxic free radicals [6] in the body.

Here are nutritional suggestions providing zinc and their levels for 100g:

  • Oysters                                               21.3
  • Veal liver (cooked) :                          13.2
  • Braised beef                                       10.5
  • Rye bread                                           10
  • Maroille cheese                                  9
  • Morbier cheese                                   7
  • Cocoa, Unsweetened                          6.9
  • Lamb liver (cooked)                          6
  • Crab (canned)                                     5.7
  • Cashew and pine nuts                        5.4 to 5.6
  • Pecan nuts                                          4.7
  • Chicken liver (cooked)                      3.9
  • Cereal Bread or Whole Wheat Bread            3.6 to 3.9
  • Egg                                                                       1.3
  • Lentils, white bean or garbanzo beans          1

Beside all these benefits to the immune system, let’s note the importance of zinc to the growth of the embryo and the fetus during pregnancy, growth throughout childhood, and to health of hair, nails, scar healing, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and fertility improvement.

You now understand the importance of this trace element. However, you should know that zinc woudn’t be much without other trace elements (selenium, manganese, copper, chrome, iodine, and many others) nor vitamins and essential fatty acids, that are indispensable to the operation of all regulation systems.

Zinc supplements : every morning before breakfast, if your nutritional levels are insufficient :

Preventative use: 2 gel caps per day of Bi-Orthox (i.e. 10mg Zn) or Oligomax Zinc (10ml, i.e. 10 mg to dilute in a glass of water).  

If you are displaying Covid 19 symptoms, double or triple the dose, especially if you are an at-risk patient.

Security dose: 15 mg per day.

2/ Azithromycin, virucide antibiotic from the macrolide family promoted by professor Raoult and precribed with success by many physicians
This antibiotic is efficient in treating respiratory conditions, ENT and STD , and to treat Covid 19 since it can reduce the viral load through its intracellular action. And mostly, it flights infections all so ready to settle down.

It is safe although it is not recommended officially by French medical authorities  to treat Covid-19.

The only thing that can be pointed at its its ability to alter your intestinal flora. However, this can easily be addressed by using good quality probiotics ( in France  for example Ergyphillus, ATP): 2 gelcaps before every meal before breakfast for one month after the end of treatment.

These supplements are not covered by your insurance, but are very interesting. Protecting your intestinal flora means protecting your immune system, and fostering a good absorption of micronutrients.

In France, your general practitioner is allowed to prescribe Azithromycin, taking into account your health and the potential side effects. Cost of such a treatment for a week is about €15, 65% of which is covered by medical insurance.

3/ A Blood Thinner to Prevent Blood Clots and Thrombosis
With Covid-19, vascular complications are often, responsible for hypercoagulation, and therefore the build-up of blood clots, which incurs risks of thrombosis and arterial or venous embolism.

Localization of such clots vary throughout the cardio-respiratory, brain, skin and even reproductive systems.  Your physician could decide to prescribe a blood thinner as a preventative measure, in the form of a pill to take throughout the day.

4/ Hydroxychloroquine or Plaquenil
This medication has been prescribed for a long time, and efficiently, to treat Malaria. It has been the object of ridiculous, grim and dangerous attacks, based on considerations anyone can imagine. However, it saved many lives of patients that had contracted Covid-19 in Marseille and abroad (China and Morocco in particular).

And this treatment could have saved many more lives, rather than giving patients trial molecules that have not yet been proven to work and undergone the test of time, particularly Remdesivir, of which we now know it does not lower mortality rates.

While general practitioners are allowed to prescribe Plaquenil to treat auto-immune diseases, French medical authorities (ANSM and others) prohibit its use to neutralize Cov-2.

Incomprehensible! What is the scheme?

5/ How to Maintain and Develop your Immune Defenses
Most at-risk patients remain the oldest and the ones affected by comorbidities.

No doubt they must be careful with their nutritional habits by reducing sugar and hydrating abundantly, (1.5 to 2 liters of water per day), especially with such hot weather.

Now is the best season to eat abundant amounts seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables, to focus on a diet rich in fish and seafood, which provides sufficient amounts of essential fatty acids, omega 3. Season the whole with cold pressed walnut oil, cold pressed rapeseed oil or extra virgin olive oil.

We remain at your disposal,

Enjoy a wonderful month of August, in peace and serenity.

Professor Henri Joyeux

[1] Contrary to what has been observed if the child is affected with measles before being vaccinated at age one : he is, save exceptions, immune for life. With a vaccine, he is immunized for 20 years!

[2] SEVE M, FAVIER A. Métabolisme du zinc. Encyclopédie Médico-chirurgicale, 10-359-D-10, 2002, p. 19 and ROUSSEL AM, FERRY M. Stress oxydant et vieillissement. Nutrition clinique et métabolisme, 2002,16, pp. 285-291.

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[5] See the compelling book by Lucile Cornet-Vernet – Artémisia, une plante pour éradiquer le paludisme. Ed. Actes Sud  2018

[6] Dorota Skrajnowska and  Barbara Bobrowska-Korczak –  “Role of Zinc in Immune System and Anti-Cancer Defense Mechanisms” – Nutrients. 2019 Oct; 11(10): 2273.  Published online 2019 Sep 22. doi: 10.3390/nu11102273


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